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Wastewater is a messy business, but it is one we are proud to be knee deep in.

At Ehpic Assessments we aim to provide the highest level of advice to ensure sustainable domestic wastewater solutions to developers and homeowners when building in unsewered areas within Victoria and also to Local Government when preparing regionally specific Domestic Wastewater Management Plans (DWMPs).

Our exceptional wastewater consultants have past experience as regulators of wastewater legislation within local government, volunteer on industry committees, and state government working groups and are involved in the preparation of strategic wastewater plans at the municipal level. This gives Ehpic Assessments a distinct advantage when preparing your LCA, septic tank application or septic tank audit and preparing Council DWMPs; as we are experienced in all facets of wastewater management.

We offer exceptional consultants, who provide innovative results.

Contact our wastewater consultants today to discuss your development or domestic wastewater concerns. We are happy to provide a written quote on all of our services to assist you in planning your development.

Phone: 0413 822 598
Email: contact@ehpic.com.au

In Victoria there are currently an estimated 42,000 metropolitan residential properties and an unknown number of rural residential properties that are reliant upon domestic septic tank systems to treat and dispose of domestic wastewater.

National standards and state based guidelines acknowledge that septic tank systems are an acceptable domestic wastewater solution provided that wastewater is contained and disposed effectively within property boundaries. The poor management of domestic wastewater can pollute surface waters, groundwater, and surrounding soils and exposes the community to environmental and public health risks. It can also become detrimental to the local amenity.

Current policy requires best practice management of domestic wastewater prior to new septic tank installations to prevent future problems within Victoria. One of these requirements on developers and homeowners in Victoria is the need to prepare a Land Capability Assessment (LCA) with the aim of assessing the capability of a site to sustainably manage wastewater within allotment boundaries and to identify a management program that minimises the environmental impacts of domestic wastewater.

Further, local Council’s within Victoria have the responsibility of developing Domestic Wastewater Management Plans (DWMPs) within their municipalities that reviews land capability, identifies preferred options, costs, funding needs, timelines and priorities in ensuring sustainable domestic wastewater management.

We understand the risks associated with domestic wastewater and how best to ensure sustainable domestic onsite wastewater management.

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